ACT Online Content

Personalized online content

Our formative assessment report provides a comprehensive evaluation of strengths and weaknesses by skills within each test. Online content is personalized to each students improvement needs. For example, a student with a composite score of 18 on the ACT® and looking to increase score by 3-composite point will focus on ~300 questions instead of the 1000+ questions in a standard ACT® prep book.

Personalized content
  • Top three concepts to practice for each test of the ACT®
  • Short videos to refresh concepts being tested
  • Questions to help master the concepts
  • Proficiency tracker - helps you understand progress towards your goal
  • Getting started
  • Establish a target score - review the prescription in the personalized report to understand which concepts to master
  • Develop a personal plan. How much time you will spend to meet your target - we recommend the eight week improvement plan
  • Practice the relevant materials
  • Review your proficiency - if required, practice the content again!